Thursday, April 1, 2010

Older, wiser, better, hotter. #fridayflash

"Dude, wasn't that just the most awesome wedding ceremony ever?" Bobby asked his buddy, Link.

"Epic, bro!" Link confirmed, wiping an imaginary tear from his eye.

Both young men burst into laughter.

Bobby put his arm around his friend's shoulder and turned him slowly through 180 degrees to take in the reception room. "See anything you like?"

Link nodded. "You mean, apart from Paula, right?"

Bobby squeezed Link's shoulder, hard. "She's pretty sweet, dude, but she's my big brother's wife now."

"The mcbride and groom," Link confirmed, referring to Paula's Scottish ancestry.

"For real! But there are rules, Link. If you wanted to bang her you should have done it just before the ceremony. Don't you know that's why they have all those little rooms everywhere in churches. It's like, a tradition or something."

"I know, Bobby-Sue, I'm not a hick, bro," Link said, aggrieved. "Whoa, who's that?"

"I saw her first!" Bobby exclaimed, scanning the room to see who Link was referring to, but it was soon obvious. She was tall and slim, dark tousled hair cascaded over her shoulders and her face was all big blue eyes and cherry lips. "I'm in love, dude..."

Link squinted at her, now that he could see the woman properly. "I don't know, man. I think she's older than my mother. Who is she?"

"That's Marrietta, boys." It was Paula's father, Ted. Fortunately he had only just arrived and hadn't heard their earlier conversation. "From my wife's side. You watch yourself now. That side of the family are... colorful. Circus folk, artists, performers, writers. Not respectable."

"Not respectable?" Bobby perked up.

Ted laughed. "I better watch what I'm saying. Aww, you're only young once, Robert." Bobby cringed. "You should go chat. I heard one of the missus' second cousins say she was a cougar."

"Huh?" Link queried, eloquently.

"An older lady who favors the company of younger men." Ted explained.

"Oh, I'll accompany her, boss," Bobby said. "I'll accompany her all night long..."

"Go for it, bro!" Link said, slapping his friend on the back.

Bobby didn't so much approach Marietta, as he was drawn into her orbit. From the moment she smiled at him slyly as he approached, until she was pressing him down onto the motel bed, he couldn't remember a single thing he'd said. But whatever it was, it had worked.

He closed his eyes and moaned as she drew her nails roughly across his chest. But as her fangs closed on his throat, he realised exactly what they meant by cougar.


  1. Well done, Mr.Gully!

    I like this "cougar." She has bite. Hehehe.


  2. Writers & artists there with carney folk as not respectable, you said it Bro'

    Really good voice in this one. A human (ie non-transformative) cougar or a werecougar? I hope it was the former?

    marc nash

  3. Niiiice. Just when I think I know where you're going, you take a hard right. Well done.

  4. That was tasty, Mr. Gully. For some reason, this line made me laugh. Intentional?

    "It was Paula's father, Ted."

    Don't fek with the cougar, dude.

  5. Alan... I am now going to claim that I did that intentionally....

  6. Two words and you came up with a great story, Anton. As I said on my blog, you are the King.

    Straight From Hel

  7. Oh, fantastic. I love it. Excellent work!

  8. Ha! Amusing tale, and I have to say the ending took me by surprise. Cougar, indeed. :-)

  9. Cougar was what flashed into my mind here before you nailed it. Ouch.

  10. I fail to see how she's different from most women.

  11. Fun, Anton! He should have gone after a younger one...

  12. A be-fanged Mrs Robinson: a little bit more of an education than a young man needs...

  13. She's going to wreck her nail-varnish, going on like that...

    Great story, Anton, with a terrific twist - love it!

  14. Weddings just got a lot more dangerous.

  15. Bill and Ted meet a vampire. Duuuuuuuuude.

    Totally awesome!

  16. I hate the term cougar. But I didn't hate your story. Nice dialogue and voice.

    Also, I like your comments on other stories. ;-)

  17. The killing comes After the sex Anton. AFTER the sex. Sheesh...they never get the details right.

  18. ALL women, John? Man, you're cruising...
    Karen, it depends on if your partner is a good kisser or not.
    Anton, puts me to mind of The Wedding Crashers, only better.