Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Words for the Lost

I never want to hurt you,
Never want to see you pained,
But shattered psyches cut too,
And the wound the scars explained,

Fingers twisted up in hair,
Tear damp lips upon the neck,
Frozen lest the movement scare,
Drops the mask upon the wreck,

Time to grind away the edge,
Or onto the blade must fall,
Blind choice teeters on a ledge,
Tortured trip so clear to all,

Sorting one corpse into two,
Was the only truth I said,
I never meant to hurt you,
Or the only lie I bled?


  1. And let that be a lesson, kids. Addiction will do strange things to you. Even turn you to poetry.

  2. Or at least two of those syllables.

  3. I know. Not bad for my second ever poem, right?

    It's all in the inspiration.

  4. Braggart. I'm not stroking your ego, no matter how much you beg. ;p

    You had me speechless, that's compliment enough...