Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On Glimpsing the Maiden in Her Pretty Bonnet.

I'll seek you out in your garden,

Boldly move and risk your pardon,

Teasing play 'til rose red blushes,

Closing in, lips touch, tongue rushes,

Always sure, and never misses,

Smother you with messy kisses.


  1. This ones for you, Alan!

    I've double-spaced it, so it'll look BIGGER. The poem.

  2. Ah, another reminder why I frequent the Black Dogs Reading Room...if I was any way poetic, I would post a rebuttle.

  3. Yeah. Anton's shameless come-ons are endearing, aren't they?



  4. Love the formal apology to your readers. You'll have to quit the poetry soon, or I may need a double scotch and a strong sedative to read your posts. The saccharin is so thick about here I have to hack it with a butter knife.

  5. A love poem. Wet, sloppy kisses out in the garden. Hmm.

    Straight From Hel

  6. I'm a broken man, what can I say. House-broken, apparently.

  7. You make that sound terrible. But I couldn't have you peeing on the carpet, now could I?

    You found a new way to mark your territory. You'll be fine, Mr. Gully. Better than fine.

  8. Hey Anton, can you access the NaNo site as of this morning (Wed. Oct. 7)?

    I still can't, but your comment on my last blog, and one other link to their page at NaNo making think that you could get on the site. Any thoughts as to what might stop me from accessing it? All I get is the standard white page saying "Internet Explored can not not display the web page."

  9. Almost forgot, I also lost the counter on my blog as well. Could they be symptoms of the same problem?

    Hey, don't you have a generic email of some sorts so we don't have to post questions on your blog?

    THanks, Alan