Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kat. Cat. KAT.

The racket you made dismayed,
When I roughly stroked your fur,
But fell on your back and played,
With the toy I dangled there,

Attempts to grab - preventing
Leave me looking like a chump
Head down, back arched, presenting
Only showing me your rump

What is hidden in your eyes
Is it like or is it more
What drives your crazy ways,
Such mystery to explore

An answer I need to see
When at last I've got you caught
But you've started licking me
And I've lost my train of thought


  1. Ahem...I don't have fur.

    But I'm most interested in this toy you're dangling, lol.

    If you're going to hell, at least you aren't going alone, Brat.