Friday, October 30, 2009


My corruption has colored the tales you call history, devastating nations and sending paupers and princes alike to their graves.

When the men of Alexandria fell to their knees, clawing at the pustulant boils that disfigured their faces and bodies, it was my caress that laid the curse upon them. When London lay decimated by the "Black Death", it was my dark gift of flea-ridden rats that choked the life from them. When the great flu claimed one hundred million souls, my choking cough started the infection, virulent spittle on the faces of a thousand disgusted travellers.

And as I take your alms my hand leaves the mark of death upon your offerings. My deadly touch lingering to claim whoever next samples your wares.

Hey, sour gummies, neat!


  1. hehehe

    And of course you know what they say about those little bowls of free peanuts you get in drinking establishments...

    I like the last line's modern vernacular, after the tone preceding it.

  2. Loved it, Anton. Especially in light of the scramble for H1N1 shots these days...very timely. As Mazz noted, the contrast between the 'old world' voice and modern is well done.

    As far as your pet owner question at the top of the blog?...perhaps your kitty can be lured to your loving arms with some kat-nip.

  3. Great! As the others said, the contrast between the old world and modern was well-written.

    Cats only come to you when they decide to. Remember: Dogs have masters, cats have staff.

  4. I don't know, Laura. My dog is so old she has a maid.

    The gummie bears was the perfect twist at the end. And a warning to all of us. I heard on the news today that folks are being warned not to let little trick or treaters dig into your bowl of wrapped candy. You, with your washed hands, reach in, get them a treat and put it in their bag for them. Even Halloween is not safe anymore for those who, unlike me, have not had the H1N1 yet.

    Straight From Hel

  5. Thanks folks!

    Quick visit to and some minor edits just now. Was written on the fly this morning before work.

  6. I reread it, Babe. Still reminds me of "Sympathy For the Devil." But then -- most things remind me of one song or another, lol.

    As to your pet problem... Perhaps it's the shouting? Try petting your kitty, Sweetie. Most cats will purr with satisfaction if you pet them, but ignore you and continue licking themselves if you shout at them. Fickle creatures, cats. Lol.

    Just a thought. Though, the others have made some interesting suggestions. I'm particularly partial to Laura's comment. Hehehehe.


  7. Very dark and dismal, I think I prefer the sappy stuff, even if I am banished from the wedding.
    As for your pet issue, you draw more flies with honey than vinegar. Try a softer tone, the results may amaze you. And of course, when all else fails, a can of food will always draw them to your lap, at least for awhile. They can be obstinate.

  8. Hmm....dark dogs dogging you, Brat?

    Toss 'em some red meat and make a break for it, Babe. They won't be interested in you then. Just saying...