Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Name Is Luka. Or Luke. [humor]

Jones settled into his chair beside Mister Brown. "Good Morning, Brown," he said.

"Good morning to you, Jones," Brown said. "Nice weekend?"

"Very good actually. We paid a visit to Alminster Park. Very nice. Ate at the restaurant. The kids had a good time."

"Oh, they do a very nice dessert at Alminster. Not good for the old waistline." Brown patted his stomach, smiling broadly.

"Shall we get on with it?" Jones asked. Brown nodded. Jones lifted the phone on the desk in front of him and said, "please send the first one in, Joan... just this minute... I did, and you? Did you, really? Alminster. Yes, we did. Very good actually. Yes. Oh they had a very nice time. Just send the first one in please, Joanie. Get a pot of tea on the go as well, please. Thank you."

"Ah, Mister Valderama?" Brown enquired as the yound man entered the room. He had wavy, ginger hair scraped back into a fluffy ponytail that sailed behind him. He wore a light blue suit with a lime green shirt unbuttoned at the collar. Two buttons worth, Brown noted.

"Luka Valderama," the man said. "That's my name, don't wear it out. You know what? Say it as much as you like, I can't get enough of it."

"Luka?" Jones' brow crinkled under the strain.

"Luka. Yeah, like the song. Everyone just calls me Luke. Luka... Luke... what difference does one letter make, eh?"

"Good God..." Jones muttered under his breath.

"Did you?" Brown held his hand out.

"Me cee-vee? Ta-da!" Luka whipped a folder out from under his jacket. "Poof, like magic, eh?" He placed it into Brown's waiting hand.

Brown set the closed folder on the desk in front of him. Jones reached over and slid it to his side of the desk. "Is that embossed?" Bewildered, he ran his fingers over the front of the cardboard. "Look, it's embossed. His name is embossed."

Gently, Brown lifted Jones' hand off the folder. He picked up the phone. "Joan, can we get that tea in here soon-ish, please."

"Yeah, it's embossed, " Luka said enthusiastically. "Terrific, innit? And look here." He flipped over the cover of the folder to expose the paper curriculum vitae inside. "See that under the writing, that's all in Braille that is. So if you were blind you could still read it. Awesome, eh?"

"Yes... very nice," Jones said. "Though, of course, if I was blind it would take me around six months to get up to speed with Braille."

"I think you'd have the basics inside three months, Jones," Brown said. "You're a quick study."

Jones nodded. "True. And if I was to devote part of my weekends..." He began scribbling numbers on his notepad.

Brown coughed. "We can run the precise calculations later, Jones. It's an interesting point that Mister Valderama has raised but we don't want to hold him up, do we?"

"What, is that it?" Luka said, shaking his head from side to side, mugging confusion.

Brown tapped the C.V. "I think we have everything we need right here."

Luka stretched across the desk to shake their hands before leaving. As he reached the door he turned back. "You know, I can get you a good deal on that embossing if you fancy it for your letterheads. My mate runs a few private batches when he's working the weekend shift and the bosses ain't about. You get my drift, yeah?"  He threw them both an exaggerated wink and left.

"Nice young man," Brown said. "But not for us.

Jones nodded. "Good."


  1. Or maybe that should be [humor?]

  2. Ha ha! Not sure who I like more, Brown & Jones, Luka, or the sound of those Alminster desserts! ;)

  3. I think they might have been a good fit, the three of them. ;-)

    Straight From Hel