Friday, November 20, 2009

Heart's Desire

As the great swell of music slowly died away, he looked up into her face, eyes bright and full of hope.

An orchestra this time.

"Well, dearest?" he asked. "Only say you will be my bride and I will give you your heart's desire."

She pulled her hand from out of his. "Never," she said. "Never, never, never."

His face fell, and he brushed away tears from his eyes before they had the chance to roll down his cheeks. He stood. Looked down at her where she sat, his mouth opening a crack but he had no more to say. Head hanging he trudged from the room, turned in the doorway and said, "I will return tomorrow, dearest one." Then he left, letting the door fall shut behind him.

She went to the window and looked out across the land, the rolling green fields, the dark forests, the great swelling river that ran through it all, originating in the mysterious great mountains far in the distance. A vast world of adventure that she had yet to sample.

She looked at the door the prince had used to exit the room and thought, yet again, of her heart's truest desire.

The key that would open that damn lock.


  1. Ha - short and sweet, very good! I hope she manages to escape!

  2. Nice tale, Babe.

    So a drunken stupor is your heart's desire? Lmao. Dream big!


  3. You're my heart's desire! I want to press my lips against your-

    oh hi Kat! Sorry, didn't see you there. Was just talking to my beer.

  4. Lol. I know. I know. You're such a lush.

    Kisses, Brat.

  5. I hope she escapes. Loved the last line. :)

  6. Love the refusal of the prince in favor of freedom. Hope she gets to explore that world out there!

  7. Wait. How cute IS that prince? I mean, after all...

    Oh. Ahem. Sorry. Yes! FREEDOM!

  8. It's interesting that the word 'Prince' isn't used in the story yet we sort of assume that he is (me included).